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About Maria

I have been open to spirit from a young age, a natural intuitive.

My passion through my spiritual work is to plant seeds of healing, to inspire you through the use of various modalities that I have studied and practiced over the years.

Allowing you a safe space to find an awareness, peace, calm and clarity so you may better move forward with an open mind and an open heart.

I’ll guide you, hold your hand through the process and provide the energetic tools and channelled words from spirit. Offering insights and clarity on moving forward in your life.

I’m passionate about helping people grow and stand in their own power.


Everything I offer has a healing quality which empowers you to know your truth. I can’t do the work for you, your power is already within you. I can help this power emerge within you.


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6 weeks

All my sessions are given with love and compassion. I have been blessed to guide many to awaken to see their life in a fresh new light.

Tarot & the Journey of Life ~ E.S.P. Psychic Mediumship Workshops

Communicating with Your Spirit Guides 

Fun workshops where we align with our intuition and learn to connect to self and with spirit.

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